Vote for SHINee in the World Music Awards!

SHINee is up for a very important award win at the World Music Awards, also known as the WMAs. Our boys are nominated for a total of four awards: Best Album, Best Group, Best Live Act, and Best Entertainer of the Year.

“The World Music Awards is an international awards show founded in 1989 that annually honors recording artists based on worldwide sales figures provided by the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI). 

The show is broadcast to North and South America, all of Europe, the Middle East, Japan and Southeast Asia, all of China, Australia, New Zealand, and all of Africa reaching an estimated worldwide audience of around one billion viewers, in over 160 countries.”

Winning these awards would not just be an honor, but would enable SHINee’s name to spread even further to viewers across the globe. Only you can make it happen by voting! You can only vote once per category.

How to Vote
First of all, click here. You will be able to see the main page of the site. There is no need for an account! SHINee is up for Best Album, Best Group, Best Live Act, and Best Entertainer of the Year, so please vote in every category.

Best Album
1. Click on SHINee’s Dream Girl album picture.
2. The site will re-open a new tab and redirect you to the main page, meaning you have voted.
Posted Image

Best Group, Best Live Act, and Best Entertainer of the Year
1. Artists are listed in alphabetical order. Click the “Show More” button to find SHINee.
Posted Image

2. Click on SHINee’s picture after locating them.
Posted Image

3. If your vote was successful, the following window will automatically pop up.
Posted Image

Our job doesn’t end with voting, Shawols! After you vote, be sure to spread the word to other fans. Together, we can help SHINee win!


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